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About the Sponsors

About AAA

Since its founding in 1902 as the American Automobile Association, this association of independent clubs has been an advocate for the motorist and traveler. It has fought motorists’ legislative battles, protected them against unduly restrictive legislation, and worked against harsh and unjust prosecutions. AAA has been in the forefront of the movement for adequate roads and safe use of those roads. It has fought for equitable taxation and stood constant watch over the rights and prerogatives of America’s travelers. A not-for-profit, fully tax-paying organization with more than 50 million members, AAA is well respected for its credibility and integrity. Known primarily for providing emergency road service, maps and travel publications, AAA also has a broad range of travel services, member-benefit programs and public service activities. Just as AAA, its clubs and members helped to shape America in the 1900s, the Association will continue this role in the virtual realm as well as in the realities of the new millennium.

AAA Travel Services provides complete travel solutions for AAA/CAA members and the traveling public. The AAA network of over 1,000 offices and offer a full range of travel services from requests for up to date travel information to assistance with worldwide tour or cruise packages and travel insurance. The goal of AAA Travel is to continue to be the most trusted brand in the travel industry.

About CAA

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is one of the largest consumer-based organizations in Canada. We help provide freedom and peace of mind to over 5 million members through 9 automobile Clubs and 148 offices located across the country.

CAA provides access to an impressive and ever-expanding range of innovative and reliable services that allow you to travel with confidence — wherever life happens to take you — from your own backyard to just about anywhere your heart desires.

Your CAA Club offers exceptional Emergency Roadside Service, complete Automotive and Travel services, Member savings and comprehensive Insurance services. We’re here for you while advocating on behalf of Canada's travelling public.