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    Many companies will be moving from Windows XP, some from Vista, and everyone has a touch of trepidation. What must you do today to ensure your migration avoids the pitfalls of unplanned downtime, cost excesses and lost productivity?

    Join our group of Ziff Davis Enterprise editors and industry experts for this half-day virtual trade show where you will hear from IT professionals like yourself who have made the migration. We will discuss best practices in planning your move and how to best optimize the various Windows 7 versions. Additionally, the speakers will talk about common migration problems and how to avoid them.

    Throughout the conference, we will look at the bottom-line economic impact of a Windows 7 migration and how emerging trends like cloud computing and virtualization can play roles in your Windows 7 deployment.

    This Virtual Trade Show will feature three session tracks:
    • eWEEK editors presenting "how-to" advice
    • Baseline editors on how to maximize Windows 7 efficiency
    • CIO Insight editors with migration strategies for a tough economy.

    Register now for this half-day event Ė and bring your questions for our experts and editors to address during chats and Q&A sessions throughout the event.

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